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Our Institute Was Invited to Participate in the Symposium between UNESCO and Xi'an City

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The UNESCO of Xi'an delegation organized by the Foreign Affairs Office of Xi'an held an exchange forum in Xi'an High-tech Zone on the morning of May 19. Our school was invited to attend.

The delegation was composed of 7 people, including Minister of General Education and Guidance of South Sudan, Permanent Ambassador of South Sudan to UNESCO, Permanent Ambassador of Zambia to UNESCO, Permanent Ambassador of Namibia to the United Nations, Deputy Minister of Planning, Research and Development of Liberia and some other UNESCO Directors. The aim is to seek cooperation with Xi'an in the fields of education, youth and women's training, and artificial intelligence.

At the symposium, Li Zuocheng, vice chairman of Xi’an CPPCC, introduced the situation of Xi'an to the guests. Yan Xiubin, deputy director of the Municipal Education Bureau, introduced the development of education in Xi'an. Li Zhijun, deputy director of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, introduced the science and technology of Xi'an. Wang Xiaoping, deputy principle of Xi'an University of Arts and Sciences, and Zhao Jingmin, director of the International Department of Xi'an Railway Vocational & Technical Institute, respectively introduced the international exchanges and cooperation of their schools, especially the cooperation with Africa.

The meeting suggests that, based on UNESCO, we continue to strengthen comprehensive cooperation with African countries.

UNESCO Secretary Zumila Rodriguez stressed on the strengthening of cooperation in the field of artificial intelligence, narrowing the gap between Africa and developed countries, continuing to expand the field of "teacher training" and promoting the development of education in Africa. Changing the cooperation between China and Africa projects from bilateral to multilateral Cooperation is an important measure for the development of Africa. He hopes to get support from the Chinese program and Chinese wisdom.

During the symposium, exchanges on African studies in China, provision of Chinese government scholarships, skills training for women, and so on, are all discussed in details.

The symposium was chaired by Qian Sheng, director of the Municipal Foreign Affairs Office, and some other leaders of the High-tech Zone Management Committee were involved in the above activities.

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