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Our School Participated in the Inaugural Meeting and School Development Seminar of the China-Russia Cooperative School Alliance

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On May 15th, the inaugural meeting and school development seminar of the China-Russia Cooperative Colleges and Universities Alliance was held in Jiangsu Normal University. Representatives from 19 Chinese-Russian cooperative schools and project units from such as Jilin University, Jiangsu Normal University, North China University of Water Resources and Hydropower attended the inaugural meeting. Zhao Jingmin, Director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Division of our institute, was invited to attend the meeting.

With the continuous advancement of the “Belt and Road” construction, China-Russian cooperation in running schools and projects has become an important carrier of China-Russian educational exchanges. With the support of the education authorities and the efforts of the school-running units, the scale of China-Russian cooperation in running schools has been continuously expanded, the quality of training has been continuously improved, and the social influence has been continuously expanded. It ranks the fourth in terms of China-foreign cooperation in running schools, second only to the United States, Britain and Australia. The establishment of a China-Russian cooperative university alliance can further gather the strength of China-Russian cooperation in running schools, inject a strong impetus to promote the common development of cultural education between China and Russia, and create a new situation of cooperation and exchange in the field of education and culture between the two countries. The field of educational cooperation between the two countries has entered a new milestone.

At the inaugural meeting of the Alliance, Wang Yi, a researcher from the International Department of the Ministry of Education, analyzed that China-Russian cooperation in running schools can provide five types of talents for the construction of the “Belt and Road” and encourage the alliance to play five roles; Dean Wang Li of Jiangsu Shengli Institute of Technology made a report on "Sponsorship in Running Schools: Achievements, Problems and Countermeasures" which provides a comprehensive analysis of the current situation of China-Russian cooperation in running schools. In the afternoon seminar, experts from Shenzhen Beili Moscow University, North China University of Water Resources and Hydropower, Jilin University, Shandong Jiaotong University and other universities shared the construction of teachers, curriculum construction, Russian teaching and other aspects in China-Russian education cooperation, which aroused heated discussions among delegates.

By attending this meeting, our institute has found more alliances in China-Russian cooperation in running schools, which can provide experience for the further development of cooperation, and also provide ideas for how to enhance the evaluation of China-foreign cooperation in running schools.

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