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Ambassador of Kyrgyzstan to China Visited Our Institute

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On the morning of May 14, Kyrgyzstan’s ambassador to China, Baktygulova Kanaiym, attended the 4th Silk Road International Expo and came to Xi'an Railway Vocational and Technical Institute for investigation and research.

Ambassador Baktygulova Kanaiym visited the College of Traction Power in our school. She inspected the HXD3 locomotive simulation driving training room, the EMU driving training center, the urban rail Traction Power Training Center and some other training bases.

Ambassador Baktygulova Kanaiym observed the training mode of the students simulation driving, self-inspection and maintenance demonstration.

Ambassador Baktygulova Kanaiym said that the equipment of classrooms and simulated teaching laboratory in the school was up to date, and the students were very serious and professional when they were operating the equipment, which left a deep impression on her. She told reporters that Kyrgyzstan is now very concerned about railway development, and she is personally concerned about the railway industry.

On learning that our College of International Transportation is co-organized with St. Petersburg Transportation University of Russia and is dedicated to nurturing international rail transit talents, Ambassador Baktygulova Kanaiym showed great interest.

When she was told that our school intended to go to Kyrgyzstan to carry out talent exchange and cooperation on railways, she immediately expressed her willingness to provide more support for cooperation and exchange. She said that visiting Xi'an Railway Vocational and Technical Institute was her initial plan before she came to Xi'an. She knew that the school had cultivated many excellent talents for Chinese railway, so she wanted to seek for cooperation such as student exchange and teacher exchange with our school.  “We have been actively responding to the 'One Belt, One Road' initiative, which also includes cooperation with Xi'an Railway Vocational and Technical Institute. I hope that the cooperation mentioned today can be realized, so as to further strengthen the cooperation between Kyrgyzstan and China. ” Ambassador Baktygulova Kanaiym finally added.


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