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School of Electronic Information

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The School of Electronic Information is a department that integrates the characteristics of the rail transit industry and the social high-tech specialties.


It has eight majors: railway signal automatic control, urban rail transit communication signal technology, railway communication and information technology, communication technology, computer application technology, applied electronics technology, automotive electronics technology, and software technology. There are three new majors: cloud computing technology and application, big data technology and application, and railway communication signal equipment manufacturing and maintenance, among which there is one provincial professional comprehensive reform and construction project, three provincial key majors, one provincial-level “first-class specialty” cultivation project and one provincial demonstration training base (urban rail transit communication signal technology). Currently, there are 1939 full-time students.


The School of Electronic Information has a strong faculty. There are 77 faculty members and 61 full-time teachers, including 1 professor and 31 associate professors. The School has 15 school-enterprise double-professional leaders, 28 backbone teachers, and 57 teachers with graduate academic education. Fifty eight teachers have technician and double-position qualifications. There is one famous teacher in the national vocational education rail transit industry. In recent years, the School has completed 28 provincial, municipal, and Institute-level academic research projects and has 15 projects in progress. The School has 3 provincial-level quality courses and 17 Institute-level resources sharing courses. More than 80 high-level national planning textbooks have been published. EI has included 9 articles. More than 300 articles have been published in various national and provincial publications, including nearly 200 core journals. The School has owned 4 utility patents.


The School of Electronic Information is the member unit of the Electrical and Electronic Teaching Research Society of the Chinese Society of Vocational and Technical Education; the deputy director unit of the Computer, Electrical and Electronics Professional Committee of the Vocational Education of Shaanxi Province; the training base for the computer application and software technology identified by the Ministry of Education; national skill appraisal station and grade test point for the computer, railway signal workers and communications workers. It is an international digital and embedded technology education organization (IDETCO). The School has perfect teaching facilities, a provincial-level higher vocational education demonstration training base for urban rail transit control, a high-speed railway dispatching command and train operation control system comprehensive training base, a high-speed railway signal control system production training base, and 57 electronic technology professional training bases and experimental (training) rooms in Xi’an.


The School of Electronic Information focuses on cultivating students' practical and innovative abilities. Students have won the first, second and third prizes many times in national and provincial skill competitions for higher vocational colleges, national skill competitions for railway vocational colleges, competitions for college computer comprehensive application ability, and national vertical and horizontal code grand prix competitions. The employment rate over the years has remained above 97%.

The Gangwu Campus: NO. 396, Gangwu Avenue, Xi’an International Trade & Logistics Park, Xi’an. Zip code:710026.

The Ziqiang Campus: No. 133, West Ziqiang Road, Lianhu District, Xi’an. Zip code:710014.

The Lintong Campus: Tie Yichu Area, Lintong District, Xi’an. Zip code: 710600.


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