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School of Electrical Engineering

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The School of Electrical Engineering is a faculty with distinctive characteristics and key developments in our Institute. It is a pilot institution for innovation and entrepreneurship education reform in Shaanxi Province. Now it has four backbone specialties: railway power supply technology, electricity supply technology, electrical automation technology, and urban rail transit supply.


The railway power supply technology is a provincial demonstration major in Shaanxi Province, a key major in higher vocational education in Shaanxi Province, a major of comprehensive reform and construction project in Shaanxi Province, and a “first-class specialty” construction project in Shaanxi Province. It is mainly geared towards railway power supply, railway electrification bureau and other enterprises, and to train specialized personnel engaged in related power supply and distribution technology and management. The major of power supply technology, a key specialty of higher vocational colleges in Shaanxi Province and the specialty of comprehensive reform project construction of Shaanxi Province, is mainly for the electric power enterprises, railway bureau and urban rail transit industry, middle and low voltage power supply and enterprise power supply field. The specialty of electrical automation technology is mainly oriented to urban rail transit automation, railway traction substation automation and industrial automation control field. The urban rail transit power supply and distribution technology major mainly trains specialized talented persons for urban metro, light rail and other urban rail transit operators of power supply and distribution technology and management positions.


The School of Electrical Engineering has 56 faculty members, including 38 full-time teachers, 1 Institute-level famous teacher, 12 professors and associate professors, and 22 lecturers. Among them, 34 teachers have a master’s degree. The “teaching team of railway power supply technology” has been named as “Provincial Teaching Team” by Education Department of Shaanxi Provincial Government.


The School of Electrical Engineering has an electrical and electronic training room, a maintenance electrician training room, a power supply production training base, a high-voltage training room, a contact network training room, a traction power supply simulation training center, a relay protection training room, a distribution line training room, PLC application technology training room, industry 4.0 automation innovation laboratory, automation principle training room, contact network comprehensive exercise and training field, electric outside training field, and isolation switch exercise field, all of which are with perfect function and advanced equipment. Among them, the “railway power supply technology professional training base” has been named as “Provincial Higher Vocational Education Demonstration Training Base” by Education Department of Shaanxi Provincial Government.


industry 4.0 automation innovation laboratory

isolation switch exercise field

electrical and electronic training room

distribution line training room


The Gangwu Campus: NO. 396, Gangwu Avenue, Xi’an International Trade & Logistics Park, Xi’an. Zip code:710026.

The Ziqiang Campus: No. 133, West Ziqiang Road, Lianhu District, Xi’an. Zip code:710014.

The Lintong Campus: Tie Yichu Area, Lintong District, Xi’an. Zip code: 710600.


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