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China-Thai Rail Transit College was established in Bangkok, Thailand

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        On the morning of April 26, the China-Thai Rail Transit College  jointly established by Xi'an Railway Vocational and Technical Institute and Bangkok Vocational Education Center was unveiled at Donmuang Technical College in Bangkok. Vice President An Xuewu of our school, Ms. Bo Bangsong from Bangkok Vocational Education Center, leaders from Tang Feng Education Group and Donmuang Technical College co-chaired the unveiling ceremony, which marked another important progress in the school's international cooperation.

Before the opening ceremony, An Xuewu and his party listened to the introduction of the Group's vocational education cooperation between China and Thailand in Tang Feng Thailand, and exchanged views on the progress of the enrollment, majors and curriculum for the students of the China-Thai Rail Transit College. The issue of Chinese teaching in urban rail transit power supply and distribution major has been discussed specifically.

After the unveiling ceremony, An Xuewu and his party conducted in-depth communication with the Thai side on the enrollment policy, curriculum and student status management. The two sides agreed that the first batch of 20 Thai students will register in Xi'an Railway Vocational and Technical Institute in September this year.

The Gangwu Campus: NO. 396, Gangwu Avenue, Xi’an International Trade & Logistics Park, Xi’an. Zip code:710026.

The Ziqiang Campus: No. 133, West Ziqiang Road, Lianhu District, Xi’an. Zip code:710014.

The Lintong Campus: Tie Yichu Area, Lintong District, Xi’an. Zip code: 710600.


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