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Thai Ministry of Education, Bangkok Vocational Education Council delegation visited our school

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A delegation consisting of 10 members from the Ministry of Education of Thailand, the Bangkok Vocational Education Council and the Bangkok Vocational Education Center visited our school on the 10th of January.



The purpose of the delegation's visit is to conduct on-the-spot investigations on the education and teaching of our school, and to accelerate the implementation of our school’s overseas campus of “China-Thailand Rail Transit College” in Donmuang Technical College, Thailand.

The delegation visited the Training Center of our Traction Power College and Electrical Engineering College, inspected the International Exchange Center, and greatly appreciated the conditions for running the school.



Before the symposium, Tian Heping, principle of our school, met all the members of the delegation and hoped that through their visits, the cooperation between the two schools will be implemented as soon as possible.

The symposium was presided over by Vice President Zhao Liujie. The two sides reviewed the history of cooperation and conducted a study on the current progress of the work of both parties. The next step cooperation schedule and activities were clarified: in March 2019, our school delegation would visit the Donmuang Technical College for the unveiling ceremony of “China-Thailand Rail Transit College”, and meanwhile, organize the student recruitment and publicity work. In May, our partner would enroll students in accordance with local practice and organize Chinese preparatory courses and basic courses. In September, the students would Officially be enrolled in our school.



The directors of the International Affairs Division, the Academic Affairs Office and the Electrical Engineering College as well as the project leaders all attended the discussion.

At the beginning of the new year, the pragmatic work of the Thai high-profile delegation will surely promote the cooperation process between the two sides. The first batch of international students training of our school will be realized within the year.



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