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​The delegation of the college participated in the 5th "Sino-Russian Transportation University Presidents Union" and the BRICS Education Alliance

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The college group participated in the fifth meeting of the "Sino-Russian Transportation University Presidents Union" held in St. Petersburg, Russia on November 13-15, and the inaugural meeting of the BRICS Education Alliance, and successfully completed the visit.

A speech entitled "Focus on the Belt and Road Initiative and Promotes the Cooperation of Education." was delivered by Vice President Zhao Liujie at the conference. It mainly introduced the situation of Xi'an Railway Vocational and Technical Institute, several projects of international exchange and cooperation, the present situation of Sino-Russian cooperative education institutions, and the international projects that are mainly promoted. Finally, Zhao Liujie said that he sincerely welcomes educational organizations and educational institutions from all countries to strengthen exchanges and pragmatic cooperation from the perspective of enhancing friendship and seeking common development.

The speeches of our representatives and those of Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing Union University and Zhengzhou Railway Vocational and Technical College had attracted the attention of the representatives of the participating countries. Also speaking at the meeting were Li Xikui, Secretary General of the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, and the Director of the Transportation Bureau of the Russian Ministry of Communications.

During the meeting, the first symposium of students studying in Russia was organized. The first batch of international students went to Russia in mid-July this year. After one and a half months of Russian preparatory course, 50 students, together with two students from Nanjing Railway Vocational and Technical College, were divided into three natural classes. Formal classes would be organized on September 3. One of the tasks of this trip was to learn about the situation of the first batch of students studying in Russia, so as to better carry out the education and teaching work of our college.

Most students can keep up with the professional courses and adapt to the teaching mode of Russian universities, and can complete coursework especially through group discussions. They said that they would cherish the platform set up between the two schools and make full use of this half a year to achieve the corresponding level of listening and communication.

During the conference, St. Petersburg State Transport University organized our students to attend and listen to the lecture, on the one hand, selected some students to participate in the performances of the conference (6 students from our school participated in the performance), which made the students had a sense of achievement.

The living conditions of the international students were good. Student accommodations were basically located in apartments in different locations of the school in downtown Petersburg. The conditions were good; especially the students were quick to improve their self-care and can cook Chinese food to improve their lives. Travel, shopping and security are all accessible.

 During the meeting, our college was questioned by the Secretary-General of the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries. The "Sino-Russian Transportation University Presidents Union" was established in St. Petersburg State Transport University in May 2014 under the active efforts of the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries. Our college was the first Chinese representative to join and had achieved certain results of cooperation in five years. During the meeting, representatives of our college reported to the Secretary-General of the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, Li Xikui, on the Sino-Russian cooperation in running schools and expressed his willingness to continue to expand exchanges. Secretary-General Li Xikui fully affirmed the work of our college.

According to the development needs of our school, it was extremely urgent to build foreign cultural and educational expert apartments and foreign student apartments. After the meeting, the delegation successively inspected two international student apartments, which provided a good idea for designing our own international student apartments and foreign teachers' apartments in the future.

In just four days of the conference, the planed task was completed: Our school was speaking again at the Union Assembly. After the speech delivered by the President of Tian Heping at the 4th Sino-Russian Transportation Presidents Union in Xi'an, China, many of our achievements were once again demonstrated to the conference. Xi'an and Xi'an Railway Vocational and Technical Institute left a more profound impression on the participants. In the alliance platform, we met a group of new friends, including South African countries, and laid the foundation for further deepening and expanding international exchanges and cooperation.

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